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Three Bond Medium Strength Hi on Sale!!!
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Three Bond Medium Strength Hi

Price: $16.54

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Size - 50 ML
Model Number - 1360A50C

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Price: $16.54

Compare at: $24.95 | SAVE 34%

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Product description for Three Bond Medium Strength Hi

Low Strength Thread Lock #1342: Perfect for small screws and bolts with applications that require a force of only 10-20 percent greater than used for tightening.
Medium-Strength Bearing and Stud Thread Lock #1333: Retains high-strength properties for bearings and studs. Apply heat to soften for easier removal.
Medium-Strength Hi-Temperature Thread Lock #1360: Incorporates anaerobic locking agents, and a heat-resistant element for sealing engine and exhaust parts.
Hi-Strength Thread Lock #1303: For various threads, bolts and joints which must remain secure.
Liquid gasket #1184: Excellent padding properties make this semi-drying sealer perfect for joint surfaces with large clearance. The synthetic rubber absorbs vibrations and impacts without failure, especially when coolants are involved.
Silicone liquid gasket #1211: Silicone rubber. Perfect for sealing complex 3-point surfaces. 100 percent effective for temperature ranges of -60 to 250 C.
Synthetic Rubber Adhesive #1521: Rubber-based contact cement for flexible hold to bond rubber, plastic, vinyl, metal, leather, wood, ceramic etc. Sets up in 5-10 min. Waterproof.
Super Glue #1742-B: Attains practical use strength in seconds. No evaporative elements and no shrinkage to weaken bonding. Excellent for nonporous materials.
Super Glue Gel #1762-B: Has many of the same features as regular Super Glue. Special formulation bonds with porous surfaces such as leather. Won\'t run when applied.
Engine Gloss #6501: Acrylic formula protects engine, reconditions rubber and plastic while keeping other components looking new. It protects against corrosion, rust, grease, oil, mud and salt water. For use on painted or unpainted surfaces.

RTV Sealant (grey) For sealing against oil and coolant leaks. Highly resistant to heat and cold.OEM specified for use on Motorcycles, ATV, UTV and Snowmobiles.

Gasket-Maker (black) High viscosity, high performance, high heat. OEM specified, non-slumping paste highly resistant to oils, chemicals and coolant. Effective in vibrating conditions, containing strong adhesion properties.

Also referred to as: 59-9117   TB2360  

Three Bond information

Three bond deals in automobiles and other vehicles, transportation equipment, public construction materials, building materials, electric and electronic equipment, and high technologies.

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