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Motul 800 2T Pro Racing Premix

Price: $71.10
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Size - 4L.
Model Number - 837141 / 101440

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Price: $71.10
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Product description for Motul 800 2T Pro Racing Premix


·         100 percent Synthetic w/Ester Core Technology

·         For high performance engines

·         Protection against deposits and prevents sticking of piston rings and exhaust power valves

·         Premix only

Also referred to as: 82-2083  

Motul information

Motul makes and sells lubricants that incorporate technologies proven and validated in the most extreme conditions, imposed by the manufacturers of motors and the most demanding industries. The knowledge of Motul is at the disposal of everybody by means of products designed according to standards and international certifications of quality, there where they are made.

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