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Wizards Products Bendi Buff Foam Cut Yellow Pad

Price: $17.55

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Material - Dense Foam
Size - 7.5 inch x 1.5 inch
Model Number - 11303

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Price: $17.55
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Product description for Wizards Products Bendi Buff Foam Cut Yellow Pad

Product Features

European (Dense Foam)

  • Use with all compounds: Mystic Cut, Turbo Cut and Finish Cut
  • For initial cutting where foam is preferred
  • Good cut and finish foam pad
  • Grip hold with alignment ring for fast and easy centering
  • Removes haze on (fresh) dark colors
  • Must use 6" backing plate with Bendi Buff Pads
  • Use with 6" Bendi-Backer backing plate

Wizards Products information

WIZARDS offers a unique line of polishes, compounds, and detailers targeting quality-minded production shops as well as the show perfectionist. Our goal is to offer our customers the best possible products to create a lasting, show-winning shine. Each item is unique, performs excellently and offers great repeat sales with excellent profits for automotive jobbers, body shops, and parts stores.
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