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PJ1 Assembly Lube on Sale!!!
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PJ1 Assembly Lube

Price: $12.47

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Packaging - Each
Net Weight - 11 Oz.
Style - Assembly
Type - Lube
Country of Origin - Yes
Special - Hazardous Material
Size - 11oz.
Model Number - SP-701

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Price: $12.47

Compare at: $16.50 | SAVE 24%

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Product description for PJ1 Assembly Lube


  • Multipurpose lubricant
  • Super rust buster
  • Protects metal


  • Synthetic and petroleum oil soluble
  • For crank shafts, valve guides, cylinder walls, pistons, cam shafts, etc.


  • Makes cable controls easier
  • Extends cable life
  • Cleans and lubricates

Also referred to as: 57-0111   PJ5012   536076   PJSP701  

PJ1 information

For over 35 years PJ1 Motorcycle Oil has passionately innovated and constantly improved their products to help the world's bikers and motor sport enthusiasts go faster, higher, farther and last longer than ever before.

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